Denker Gbr

A high level of flexibility and dynamics is necessary in order to manufacture a wide variety of products and meet individual customer requirements. This starts with counselling and stretches across the areas of development, tool making, further processing, finishing and shipping.

Upon request, surfaces can be coated and refined or finished with screen or pad printing, whilst complex components can be assembled and orders be picked for shipment.

Renowned suppliers from the electronics industry have been relying on the quality of products made by Gebr. Denker & Co. KG for many decades.
The products are as versatile as the sector, and even extraordinary designs are implemented in a quick and straightforward way.

  • PVC cable grommets
  • Housings made from self-extinguishing, UL-certified plastic

Complex shapes and high-grade surfaces make the sanitary industry an exciting and interesting area. Renowned manufacturers benefit from the experiences and competences of Gebr. Denker GmbH & Co. KG, and also rely on our high quality standard when it comes to surface finishings.

  • Visible parts polished to a mirror finish
  • Insert moulding
  • Production of durables

Hardly any other area has such manifold requirements and quality standards, and Gebr. Denker GmbH & Co. KG focuses on exactly these challenges. Apart from manufacturing articles in soft plastics, articles from filled and reinforced plastics, we also coat metal parts and produce threaded parts by injection moulding.

  • Production of complex assemblies
  • Articles made from filled and reinforced plastics
  • Allow us to advise you